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    Hi everyone, its kinda simple but im not sure what im doing.

    I have my iphone 3g 3.1.2 jailbreaked with pwnage tool 3.1.4 i think it was. worked nice until one day cydia started crashing when it opened, and i went to some tutorial about reintalling it and followed one that said to use MobileTerminal and do a series of steps to uninstall it... it worked fine uninstalling it, the problems was to install it.. it didnt work...

    so know im looking for alternatives to bring cydia back.. should i use blackra1n? ive never used it. should i just run blackrain rc3 and will it install cydia automatically? should i back up my phone? do i have to download another custom firmware ipsw? cuz my phone is already jailbroken. dont know what to do really..

    thanks in advance

    ok soo i had opened the blackra1n app and left it running in the background.... connected my iphone to charge on the computer and without noticing the blackrain process starteddd..

    ok it just finished.... andd still no cydiaa, nor blackrain app in the phone...
    just a little update
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    i Deleted some thing Cydia manage and no app will open
    know the iphone 3G only show a black screen with a apple sign
    2010-03-13 07:51 AM
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    this might help you but I cant guarantee it. It takes some work to setup but might possibly save you from having to restore.

    I fixed a coworkers phone that had this happening to her phone. I used Cyder2 to fix it. If you don't know what Cyder2 is, it is a Windows Program that lets you download apps/repos from Cydia directly onto your computer and then transfer them to your iPhone quickly.

    *You must have an internet connection for your computer*
    This link shows you how to use the original Cyder program. I used Cyder2 and supposedly Autoinstalling is easier with this newer version. Here's the link:
    Cyder: Manage Cydia From Your PC | FSMdotCOM

    The sources/repos you need to add are found here (at the beginning of the page):
    [ame=http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=211462][Tutorial]How to use Cyder! - iPod touch Fans forum[/ame]

    There is a small, blue PLAY button on the top left of the screen that you must press. *This confirms the sources you added

    Click the Packages Tab and where it says 'Filter' type in any app you already have from Cydia on your phone. E.G. Cydelete, OpenSSH, or Winterboard.

    Once you see the app show up, right click it and choose 'Download with Dependancies'

    Now, select the Downloads Tab and right click the app and select 'Download Selected'

    At this point, plug in your iPhone and make sure the bottom left of the screen says READY....not ipod/iphone Error or something like that.

    Almost there! Assuming the bottom left of screen says READY, choose the File Manager Tab and you will now see the app you downloaded on the left side of the screen.

    Select the Cydia AutoInstall Tab on the right side of the window

    Right click the app on the left side and choose 'Copy Selected'

    The app should now show up on the right side of screen in the Cydia AutoInstall folder. If it is, do a complete reboot of your phone and see if Cydia works again.

    *If it didn't work, go back to the Downloads Tab and right click the app again. Select 'Copy to -> Cydia AutoInstall. MAKE SURE YOUR IPHONE IS RECOGNIZED BY CYDER2 by checking the bottom left of screen.

    Hope that works for you like it did for me. Let us know so that someone else can confirm this, kay!

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    things dont look too good for you, usually the continuous apple sign means you're gonna have to restore. Hope you had synced your phone lately and had aptbackup or pkgbackup. Good luck to you.

    Since both of you are using 3G iPhones, why are you so concerned about having to restore to get Cydia back. I know its a pain to reload all your data when you restore but it might be your only option.

    3G phones are safe to JB with the 3.1.3 fw unless you need them unlocked and then you're screwed! If that's the case, just get a CUSTOM 3.1.2 fw from sinfuliphone . com to restore the phone without loosing baseband.

    I was just wondering if restoring was such a big deal for you two. Let us know how everything goes!
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    sorry i hadnt been able to get online in a while. im going to try every step that ur saying. im still in the same conditions as before. im going to have to go to a friends house to use his PC cuz i have MAC. i will post as soon as i try this method. thanks for the help
    2010-04-04 07:00 PM
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    2010-04-05 05:41 AM
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    I'd use redsn0w. Make sure and check already pwned and add cydia. While you're at it you can add a custom boot logo or restore logo.
    2010-04-05 05:54 AM
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    my question is
    I dont have cydia on my IPHONE
    So, When i download CYDIA INSTALLER with dependencies onto my PC and tranfer as suggested onto the CYDIA AUTOINSTALL folder. Arent we missing the point here. We came here coz we did not have cydia installed. SO where wud the cydia auto install folder be?. Has it worked for anyone. Keep me posted and i may venture to help a poor far away sould in my know
    2010-05-22 04:53 PM
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    Havent been here I'm a while but saw ur reply in my email. This thread is for iPhones that are already jailbroken but for some reason have lost Cydia or the use of Cydia. I'm not a pro and therefore, only give my personal experience but it seems like a jailbroken phone that has lost Cydia can revive Cydia by using Cyder2. Maybe I just got lucky with my coworkers...I'm not sure.

    I've tried using cyder2 on a non-jailbroken iPod touch and it doesn't work. I assume it is for the same reason u stated (not having the cydia install files somewhere in the phone), so I figure that u have to have had cydia installed at some point for cyder2 to work.

    Don't know if that answered ur question but hopefully it might have helped. Let us know ur status, k!
    2010-05-24 06:03 PM