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    I just joined this forum today and I am new to the whole new jailbreaking thing. I hope someone can please help me or direct me to the correct links.

    I bought a iPhone 3G (used and previously jailbroken and unlocked) and it has the 3.0 Version on it with a modem firmware of 04.26.08. The model number is MB702LL. I would like to update my version 3.0 to at least 3.1.2 and I dont know how to do that since my itunes is constantly asking me to update to 3.1.3 (which isnt advised).

    Is there anyway I can upgrade to 3.1.2 without losing my jailbreak, baseband or unlock? Where can I download 3.1.2 in order to do this? I only have a PC. If someone can please direct me to the place to get all of this information? I am so confused!
    2010-03-13 04:19 PM
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    I would give u a link to it but I'm on my iPhone soo. To get 3.1.2 firmware. At thee top of the forum teres a download tab. When u put ur mouse over it. Click firmware. Then find iPhone 3g 3.1.2. Download and save to desktop. Then hold shift in iTunes and clock restore and clik the 3.1.2 firmware. It'll take u to 3.1.2. Then go to blackweather and download it. Run it and when it reboot ull geta blackra1n app on ur homescreen. Open it and install cydia for jailbreak and blacksn0w for unlock If needed
    2010-03-13 04:26 PM
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    Thank you! OMG thank you! Ive been looking for this for a few weeks! I will try it and let you know if I was successful!
    2010-03-13 04:31 PM
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    Ok no prob
    2010-03-13 04:33 PM
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    I already have cydia installed on my iphone. Once I upgrade to 3.1.2, is it going to erase all of my info and apps? Do I need to connect my iphone to itunes while holding the shift and hitting restore? I just dont want to mess up anything.
    2010-03-13 04:40 PM
  6. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Ya u need to connect to iTunes. Yes ull lose all cydia apps. U can backup AppStore apps with iTunes
    2010-03-13 04:50 PM
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    OK....Will I lose my unlock too? I am sorry for all of the questions...

    I'm just going to do it...
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    2010-03-13 05:08 PM
  8. battlecrushr's Avatar
    No when u install blacksn0w from the blackra1n app. Ull be unlocked
    2010-03-13 05:20 PM
  9. babiegurl33's Avatar
    should i take my sim card out before doing anything or should I leave it in?
    2010-03-13 05:28 PM
  10. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Leave it in
    2010-03-13 05:36 PM
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    I've run into a problem. I hold the shift and click restore in itunes, but it gives me an error saying that it can't be restored because the firmware is incompatible...What should I do next???
    Just Gotta Make It...
    2010-03-14 12:10 AM
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    Did u download the right firmware. Make sure it's 3g 3.1.2
    2010-03-14 12:28 AM
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    Even though my phone is a 3G, when I connect it to iTunes, it reads as a 3GS...Perhaps the previous owner did something so that it reads as a 3GS...Should I download the firmware for the 3GS 3.1.2
    Just Gotta Make It...
    2010-03-14 12:36 AM
  14. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Wait u dint know if it's an iPhone 3g or 3gs. Try to find out ad right now don't do anything to your phone
    2010-03-14 12:38 AM
  15. babiegurl33's Avatar
    How will I find out though? How will I know?

    3GS 8GB iPhone under About..
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    Just Gotta Make It...
    2010-03-14 12:43 AM
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    I'm gonna assume u have a 3gs. Use this Guide to jailbreak. It'll take u to 3.1.3 jailbroken. But u can't unlock

    iPhone Jailbreak Guides | iPhone Tutorials | ModMyi.com Blog Archive How to Jailbreak/Unlock 3.1.3 iPhone 3GS/3G/2G iPod Touch 2G/1G with sn0wbreeze Windows
    2010-03-14 12:47 AM
  17. babiegurl33's Avatar
    I have a 3G because its only an 8GB phone and I know the 3GS doesnt have the 8GB, so I am guessing the previous owner must have put some 3GS firmware on this phone....
    Just Gotta Make It...
    2010-03-14 12:54 AM
  18. battlecrushr's Avatar
    This is weird. One sec
    2010-03-14 12:57 AM
  19. babiegurl33's Avatar
    I dont want 3.1.3 because I have T-mobile service. I just noticed that some of the apps that I want require at least 3.1.2 in order for me to get them. I dont want to lose my Tmobile service....
    Just Gotta Make It...
    2010-03-14 12:58 AM
  20. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Then stay at 3.0. You can get firmwarefaker in cydia to fake ur apps into thinking ur on 3.1.3
    2010-03-14 01:01 AM
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