1. MDSposse's Avatar
    I jailbroke my 3GS several months ago w no problems...redsn0w 3.0 I think.

    Now it's displaying the battery symbol that says it needs to charged immediately, but it won't charge.


    1. is there any way to get info off of the phone before restore, such as the notes & pictures?

    2. is it possible to restore to to 3.1.2 instead of 3.1.3 since tethering is very important and it sounds like tethering on 3.1.3 is spotty at best.


    2010-03-14 08:59 AM
  2. j3st3r's Avatar
    since you have the old bootrom you can create a custom 3.1.2 ipsw and restore to it
    2010-03-14 09:05 AM
  3. MDSposse's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply! Could you give me a specific page/site that explains how to do this?
    2010-03-14 01:27 PM
  4. dhamien's Avatar
    You should make a custom firmware with pwnagetool (I recommend this over sn0wbreeze since some users have had problems with that). Here's a guide on how to use that (it's the same process and program for 3.1.2 so just use a 3.1.2 firmware instead): iClarified - iPhone - How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 3GS Using PwnageTool [Mac]

    Here's a download link for official firmwares (you'll need this to make the custom one): iPod and iPhone Firmware Download

    When in the guide, you're asked whether you're pwned or not, select 'yes'. What it's really asking is if your device is jailbroken, which it is since you used redsn0w on it.
    2010-03-14 06:28 PM