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    alright so the last couple days my 3g hasnt been working wifi works fine but cant use internet over 3g im not sure why but ive been trying everything to get it work reset the network setting and it would work for a while then stop working again. my phone is jailbroke i used blackrain what im trying to do is i want to just restore my phone back to 3.1.2 which is what im on now but just start fresh and rejailbreak but i cant seem to restore because of apple being a ****. i heard theres a way through cydia with SHSH and wanted to try it but dont have cydia i have Rock and i was wondering if there was a repo i could put in to get cydia back. ive tryed running black rain again to see if i could get cydia that way and didnt work so does anyone have any ideas
    2010-03-15 11:37 PM
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    You can find Cydia Installer in Saurik's repo -
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    2010-03-15 11:42 PM
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    Okay this is what u have to do. I suggest u backup ur things cause ur gonna lose everything and btw shsh Is for 3gs only.
    So first see the download tab at the top of forum. Hover over it and a menu will pop down. On the left click on firmware. Scroll down to 3g 3.1.2 and save it to desktop. Then connect ur phone to iTunes and open iTunes. Hold shift on ur computer and then click restore. A window will pop up navigate ur way to the desktop and Click on the firmware u downloaded. Then it'll tester ur phone. Then when it's done go to blackweather and run it. Then u know the rest. Install cydia
    2010-03-15 11:49 PM
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    ok so i tryed adding that repo and it gave me invlid APT repo have any ideas i just copy the url right

    yea im on a 3gs sorry i forgot to say i was
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    2010-03-15 11:53 PM
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    Oh then don't do what I said. On ur first post u said 3g
    2010-03-15 11:54 PM
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    yea i hate how theres the iphone 3g and then 3g internet my 3g internet is whats not working
    2010-03-15 11:55 PM