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    Hey guys,

    Problem: Cydia & Half of Cydia's Apps are crashing + iTunes won't read my iphone.

    I have about 200 apps on my phone. really scared to backup/restore, is there a quicker fix for this?

    i had a freezing cydia problem about a month after i bought/jailbroke my phone back in june, and i can't remember how i fixed it, some of the apps didnt work just like this, so i'm not sure whats different, (newer itunes maybe lacks the ability to fix it for me during a sync?)

    I thought i would just be able to go in and delete cydia's cache (that seeming to be the most common problem)

    itunes worked fine last time i used it ~3 months ago on two diff computers and 3 diff operating systems, but used it for first time in 3 months, after cydia starting giving me problems to no avail

    iTunes gives me a "could not load dataclass [sync data device etc.]" error whenever i plug the iphone in or try to sync my contacts after restarting the frozen iTunes

    I was using CopyTransManager (like twice) just to load music onto it while i was avoiding installing itunes(bloatware) until i wanted to backup my contacts (is there a non itunes way to sync windows contacts with iphone contacts?)

    I cannot get any SSH's to connect. Tried WinSCP. iPhoneBrowser. Both crash immediately when i attempt to connect to my USB-plugged-in iPhone. So does DiskAid, and the CydiaCacheFix(sp) tool.

    The phone crashed anything that tries to connect to it.

    All my appstore apps are working fine, along with the ones from **********, and half of the cydia apps.

    Solution?: Ideally would like to not have to restore/rejailbreak/redownload, if you could gear your help towards fixing the problem without restoring. If there's no other way, could you give me a thorough checklist for how to do the very minimum amount of work getting all of my apps Appstore,Cydia, AND ********** apps AND their settings backed up i'd appreciate it immensely.

    (So far, i have used Chronus to backup as much app databases/data as i could, and PkgBckup to backup all the cydia apps right?) are there better alternatives to these two apps (theyre the only ones i know) and anything else i should use?

    Problem is, i can't SSH to get the damn backups off the device, is there another method i should be trying?

    this might be a hint: i know having a lot of apps is part of the prob but perhaps its a specific app or 2? it seems like it mighit have been one of the last couple i DL'd thru Cydia, but i can't remember which! they were however from the cydia.hackulo.us source, the ones that might have done it, do not have appicons (stuff like lockinfo,statnotifier,infinidock,frontcontacts, &cydget), but im not sure what i installed last

    jailbroken (with purplerain? cant remember) 3G(s) w/ 3.0 , AT&T
    Windows 7
    2010-03-16 01:23 AM
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    It may be that you are using cracked apps. Talk about cracked apps/warez/piracy is not allowed per forum rules; which is why the words are *'d out in your post. This could be the root of all your issues; which many times is for users. Trying buying the apps or removing illegal apps.
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    2010-03-16 01:33 AM