1. Stewart1's Avatar
    I have an iPhone 3G that is failing to boot. It shows only the Apple logo, resetting and retrying every couple of minutes. During that cycle, it's not active on the USB at all. I can get it into recovery mode and iTunes offers to do a restore, which I presume would bring the phone back to life. However, I've not tried that yet, because I'd like to backup data first (recent photos, contacts, notes). If that's not possible, is there any way to save e.g. an image of flash memory, from which the data might be extracted? Next, is it possible to not wipe out jailbreak/unlock, or is there a way to regain those functions after doing a restore?

    Unfortunately, I don't know the details about how the phone was set up. It was a standard Apple setup until I went to Bangkok; the at&t SIM did not recognize any operator and just showed no service. I took the phone to a local store, where they jailbroke and unlocked it and installed a local prepaid True SIM. This worked fine while there and was also fine with the at&t SIM when I returned. However, I don't know the technical details, other than that it was running 3.1. Last night I installed Lose It!, which I thought referred to my weight and not the iPhone Today I was running Siphon and the phone lost the 3G connection. I was able to return to the home screen but the phone did not respond to further input. I forced it to shut down and reboot, but it then got into a boot loop. How should I proceed?
    2010-03-17 03:43 AM
  2. Vic Nyce's Avatar
    i have the same problem but achieved it using a different technique lol. is it possible to save my data??
    2010-05-04 03:25 AM