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    okay guys, i've been struggle to bypass the blackra1n boot loop, right now i bypass it.. this is what i did

    1. connect iphone ( itunes and usb logo shows up, then itunes pops in the screen, dont close itunes )

    2. run blackra1n in admin mode ( im on win7, i didnt use compatibility or new admin account )

    3. then click make it ra1n

    4. during the geohot screen i kill the process of itunes.exe and ituneshelper.exe

    5. screen goes back to itunes/usb logo, dont close blackra1n it will reb00t itself again..

    6. during the waiting for device mode, open itunes, and wait see if you got it working

    7. if it doesnt work, just wait for couple of reb00ts and it might work.. ( well at least for me )

    after i got in safe mode, go to blackra1n and uninstall the app, since there is no wifi for me i reset all settings, airplane mode, reboot again, run blackra1n and everything went fine everytime reboot..

    hope this helps
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    2010-03-17 06:15 PM
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    You, and everyone else who use blackra1n/blacksn0w, should avoid doing the 'reset all settings'-thing. It's been messing up a lot of phones lately.
    2010-03-17 10:39 PM