1. donavo's Avatar
    hello guys.
    i just bought a brand new iTouch frm the apple store and im extremely eager to jailbreak it
    ive been searching all over the place and cant find any way.
    so far what icve seen is that these cant be jailbroken yet.
    with that in mind here is my humble request.
    i want to jailbreak this as soon as possible so if u know a site where i can check up on the progress done so far please let me know
    or if u figure out how to do it anytime soon please also keep me posted. i would like to know when i could do it.
    thank you very much
    2010-03-25 12:53 AM
  2. dhamien's Avatar
    Just check back here once in a while. It'll be front page news when a jailbreak is released.
    2010-03-25 05:33 PM