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    So I was one of the silly one's that went ahead with Pwanage on a newer 3.1.2 and ended up with a phone stuck in DFU, when I should have done the tethered redsn0w method.

    So the only option itunes allows is a full restore (because it's stuck in DFU). I haven't done this yet.

    Anyhow what I just did was loaded redsn0w 0.9.2 and processed my 3.1.2 file. It then get's to the part where it waits for the device to be put into restore mode. Up until now I haven't been able to get past this, because I can't get the thing into restore mode.

    Anyhow what I did at this point was boot up itunes and go to an official restore. This puts the device past DFU and obviously gets ready to accept Apple's download. But because redsnow is in the background it actually manages to transfer the payload and take over....

    The phone still isn't working, but at least I managed to get something to it, from previously only DFU.
    2010-04-01 01:34 PM