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    hi all, long story short, I read everywhere that 3.1.3 was now unlockable and jailbreakable so went ahead and restored in itunes to fix a dead 3.1.2 phone. Now it seems that its upgraded my baseband to 5.09.

    Is there nothing that can be done to get this unlocked?

    oh and one more question... this was a previously unlocked phone in the UK to use an orange sim. SInce then orange has become an official carrier, does this mean that I have survived this little error and it should not be a problem?

    I cant test as I do not have the orange sim card with me you see.

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    2010-04-03 08:02 PM
  2. moon#pie's Avatar
    where is "everywhere"? There will be an unlock after the iphone 4g comes out
    2010-04-03 08:06 PM
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    ok thanks, does anyone know about the orange issue? Basically they're now a supported carrier where as they didnt used to be. Does that mean technically this phone does not need to be unlocked anymore? I tried with a pre-activated firmware and put the orange sim card in however it didnt work. I'm hoping this was because it was pre activated (the firmware was listed as 'for people with unofficial carriers') so im now restoring to stock 3.1.3 as a last resort and trying without an unlock...
    2010-04-04 10:35 AM