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    Hey guys I just made a account for some help. I would like to be able to run the 4.0 os but I have no money to buy it from anyone. First of all i have no debit or credit card since im only 14, and i would love to be able to go to school tomorrow to show my friends it. My mom would NEVER let me use her debit or credit card on the internet so im stuck with you guys can you lend a jr. developer here a hand? Im really sorry if many people have allready asked all of you this question but my fingers are craving the 4.0 OS. Thanks for any help I will greatly appreciate it!

    Oh, and so I dont have to waste anyones typing I am aware that it will remove all jailbreak data and update the baseband, I have both mac and pc so i should have no problem running into the .ispw not being recognized on windows like ive heard from a few forums. And before you say im spoiled because i have a mac i bought both my computers fixing people xbox's from school, fixing cracked iphones and ipods, mowing yards in the summeer, but right now im getting no money
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