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    I've been reading for hours and days about iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking, custom firmwares, SHSH, and so on. The thing is, I have a jailbroken unlocked iPhone 3GS that uses OS 3.0.1, which means it has baseband 04.26.08. I also have SHSH 3.1, 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 on sauriks server.

    I've learned that this is a great situation to be in, because I have a lot of options (or do I). Still, after hours of reading, I can't understand a single thing as everything is very contradicting!

    So please, anyone, how the hell do I get my phone to firmware 3.1.2, without updating the baseband because I really need it to be unlocked?

    I see people have spended pages and pages of text explaining stuff like DON'T UPDATE TO 3.1.3 OR YOU WILL LOSE THE UNLOCK or KEEP SHSH on Suriks server and so on... yet nothing explains what to do in my situation...
    2010-04-12 06:39 PM
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    build or download a custom 3.1.2 firmware that is activated created with pwnagetool and in iTunes use shift+restore (pc) or option+restore (mac) to point it at the custom firmware...you will keep your 04.26.08 baseband and then use ultrasn0w to unlock..no need to jailbreak as that will be taken care of with custom firmware
    2010-04-12 06:58 PM
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    Well, I don't have a Mac, so I can't use Pwnage Tool.

    Any idea where can I download this pwned, activated 3GS 3.1.2 firmware that I can use for my iPhone?

    Also, I found some torrents, but there seems to be a 3.1.2 pwned activated copy and 3.1.2 unactivated. Which one is for me?

    My iPhone has been activated on AT&T in the USA, but after that I've taken in to Europe, so from a few months ago, it is working on an unofficial carrier (T-Mobile).
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    2010-04-12 08:56 PM
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    You can search for and download a CFW made with pwnagetool. As you need to use it with an unofficial carrier, you need to get an activated firmware.

    Here's what you should be looking for in a CFW
    pwnagetool-made 3.1.2 CFW
    700mb-1gb partition
    cydia installed and nothing else
    stock boot and recovery logos

    You'll need to search google as CFWs aren't allowed on these forums. After you've downloaded and restored to the CFW, go into Cydia and search for and install ultrasn0w. Your phone will now be at 3.1.2 and jailbroken and unlocked and ready for use.

    When shift-restoring to the CFW, don't put your phone in DFU or recovery mode. Simply have the phone fully booted and sitting on the homescreen (springboard). The reason for this is that you'll get 160x errors if the phone is in either recovery or DFU mode.
    2010-04-12 11:25 PM
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    Wow, dhamien, you are a life saver dude! I was ready to either just sell the phone and get a HTC, or smash the thing in the wall...

    I'm currently working on what you've suggested, I'll report back my eventual success or failure

    One last thing, after I'm done restoring my iPhone to the new 3.1.2 firmware, I guess it will be empty? No AppStore/Cydia applications and no music? That's why I have to reinstall ultrasn0w?

    Also, why is this 1GB partition required? Will another 1GB partition be needed once version 4.0 is out?

    P.S. Do I need to edit my Windows host file, so that Itunes is redirected to Saurik's server?
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    2010-04-12 11:55 PM
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    you have to install ultrasn0w to unlock it for use on unofficial carrier...cydia will be on there from the custom firmware, but you will have to sync with iTunes to get your music back...no u don't need to change your host file to point at saurik's server, custom firmwares bypass the signing process
    2010-04-13 01:30 AM
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    Thanks to you two, I've successfully found and upgraded my firmware to 3.1.2 without changing the baseband!

    It was really stressful, but when I saw my phone booting up, it was great! I just loaded up cydia, installed ultrasn0w, did a restart, and then just synced with my backup copy in iTunes.

    Now my iPhone is working just like before! Only it has 3.1.2, which means it can run the newest games and apps, and I think it works a little bit smoother and faster.

    Thank you!
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    2010-04-13 11:47 AM
  8. j3st3r's Avatar
    glad it worked for you
    2010-04-13 11:51 AM
  9. dhamien's Avatar
    Good to hear
    2010-04-13 01:03 PM
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