1. klodjan91's Avatar
    My contract for tmobile expired last week and i decided to get an iphone so i have a iPhone 3Gs and 3.1.3 MC model now i keep seeing that people write that it can be jailbroken and i did my research that UNLESS you had your SHSH saved on Cydia then u cant jailbreak. All i want is to be able to jailbreak and use my phone thats the whole reason why i got AT&T. So i just wanna know can i jailbreak or no. Ty
    2010-04-21 05:57 AM
  2. j3st3r's Avatar
    as of now you can not jailbreak it...te new jailbreaks will hopefully be released soon though so be patient
    2010-04-21 05:59 AM
  3. klodjan91's Avatar
    Thank you thats all i was asking for because some people would write that you could jailbreak and some were saying you couldnt jailbreak.
    2010-04-21 07:11 AM