1. magicmack's Avatar
    Hi, so I purchased a 3g 8gb that was said to just be stuck on the restore screen. Yet when I got it, pretty much everything was broken with it, including the battery and power button.

    So I replaced the entire back housing, in hopes that I would be able to boot into DFU mode. Yet I still have the exact same problem.

    It is frozen at the apple logo with a frozen spinning wheel ontop of it; like this http://basshead.files.wordpress.com/...rozen_ipod.jpg

    I do not believe Itunes will detect it on windows or mac. Or even the computer for that matter. So my best guess at this time is that the logicboard is shot. Yet the water damage indicators are not gone.

    If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it.

    2010-04-27 03:52 AM