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    Hi guys. Starting 2 get nervous with this.

    Not long after I enabled an experimental feature in Iconoclasm my 3GS rebooted & won't make it beyond the Apple logo. I'd also recently installed RotateSB & was using OverBoard. The phone was stable since upgrading with Pwnage Tool weeks/months(?) ago.

    If I plug the 3GS into Windows XP every 20mins or so I hear the USB connection sound. When this happens "Apple Mobile Device" appears under USB in the Device Manager. I can then browse the device for a few seconds with iPhone Folders before I hear the USB disconnection sound. The 3GS disappears from the folders & Device Manager. I thought the 3GS was frozen but I noticed the Apple logo go on & off on at least one occasion when the PC said it was disconnected.

    I can't get into Recovery mode (the connect to iTunes logo) but can get into DFU mode (blank screen). iTunes only detects the 3GS if it is in DFU mode & only calls the phone "iPhone" instead of the customized name I had setup in the past. iTunes 9.02 gives error message 1600 as soon as it has unpacked the same firmware file I originally created to upgrade to my current untethered jailbreak so I know this file is not the problem. I did get a 1601 error at some time also. I've tried restoring on a Mac & Windows XP.

    I've tried again & again & spent days researching & am desperate for some expertise! Any suggestions R very welcome! Thanx 4 looking!
    2010-05-02 02:52 PM
  2. mj0528's Avatar
    If you our on 3.1.3 with pwnage tool, then you must have the old boot rom. Get a custom 3.1.2 firmware and <shift>-click restore it with,itunes. Some say it's not necessary, but I have found that pointing my gs.apple.com dns name to Suarik's server was necessary for me. Won't hurt to try. Just find a 3.1.2 pwnage tool firmware
    2010-05-02 03:55 PM
  3. skywalka's Avatar
    Thanx 4 the suggestion. I'm sure it was the way 2 go but Spirit has been released so I just did a stock 3.1.3 & was able to easily jailbreak.

    Thanx again though.
    2010-05-04 01:40 AM