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    I was getting the Spirit requires Itunes 9 error.

    This was found here:

    and worked for me.

    So this is what worked for me. I went to spiritjb.com and in the comments someone had suggested that he went this site Shining Light Productions - Win32 OpenSSL and I downloaded and installed this into the windows folder: Win32 OpenSSL v0.9.8n Light. I unchecked the compatibility box and it was a work around the .dll error and now my iphone is now jailbroken. Hope this helps others that are getting the not recognizing itunes error. Thanks for all you help.
    Download: Win32 OpenSSL v0.9.8n
    Run it and let it install in your Windows Directory (C:/windows)
    If you have compatibility checked for windows 98 on the Spirit.exe. Uncheck it.
    Run Spirit.

    JB'd in under a minute.
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