1. Duncaroo's Avatar
    I bought an iphone from ebay understanding that the USB port didnt work and that charging would only be done through the charger. It would seem that this is not a physical fault as i expected but down to a bad jailbreaking attempt... I am trying to nurse this phone back to life and wonder if anyone can help.

    About the iphone;
    Hardware; 2G 8GB
    Software; 2.0.2(5C1)
    The phone has Cydia, ********** and Installer as well as the standard apps.

    When I try to restore the iphone - holding HOME and inserting USB - a Russian Steve Jobs says 'Hello' and the iphone is not recognised by my PC.

    Cydia was originally working when i bought it, but (perhaps foolishly?) i did an "essential update" on Cydia as it had 40 updates. Now it only has 10 updates but wont launch - it just hangs and closes after 2 seconds.

    When i try to install anything from ********** it downloads and installs and creates a new icon but any attempt to launch anything created gives "The application *** cannot be opened"

    When I launch Installer I get "Error Unable to decode trusted sources info" Installed Packages are listed as Installer and OpenSSH.

    If anyone can help to give back any extra functionality to this iphone i'd really appreciate the advice.
    2010-05-06 09:28 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    First off you need to read the rules because we do not allow discussion of cracked/pirated/warez anything. Dont steal, buy your apps.

    Secondly, your dock connector and/or mainboard is messed up, it is a hardware issue. A jailbreak would not cause those issues at all.
    2010-05-06 09:47 PM