1. Count Tracula's Avatar
    so the other night while using my phone normally, I had a couple grip notifications pop up on me. so I x'ed out the first one, then I x'ed out the second one but it froze on the second one. the whole phone locked up on me. so I tried to do a hard boot several times and all I got was the boot screen(pineapple) for about 5-7 seconds and then it would go black again. after a few minutes of this I figured I would have to restore. No biggie, I restored it with custom firmware 3.1.3 many times before. so I tried and kept getting 1600 error codes. so I finally had to do a stock 3.1.3 and fortunately jb with spirit.

    Why could this have happened? and what would prevent me from installing custom firmware as I have always done on that phone. I thought that a jailbroken phone could always take a custom firmware. What could have gone wrong to prevent it from accepting a custom firmware?
    2010-05-07 02:10 AM
  2. likeips's Avatar
    i've actually been wondering that same question but then again i've never been able to use custom firmware on my 3gs
    2010-05-07 04:36 AM