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    Hey guys I am in need of a solution,
    Today I tried to jailbreak my iPhone it was running 3.1.3 with baseband 05.12.01 the jailbreak worked and I was able to use most features however I now get "no service" all the time. My phone is not unlocked.

    Thanks in advance,

    2010-05-16 02:20 PM
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    Hey JuvenileE6 here from *How to hockey stop* ice skating and hockey video tutorials on youtube

    I had the same problem, tried everything to restore the service to my iphone 3gs, nothing worked ! jailbreaking it with spirit completely messed the phone up. the only fix i know of is to take your iphone back to apple (after restoring it) say there is a problem with your signal, they will replace it there and then (after testing it). make sure the iphone has been restored so they dont know it was jailbroken as that will void your warranty. my iphone is a 3gs 16gb black on 3.1.3, from what i've gathered from this problem, there is only a very small number of people reporting the same problem.. sorry i could help anymore but your not the only one !
    2010-05-27 02:50 PM
  3. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Restore in iTunes to 3.1.3 then activate and see if you get service back. Spirit does not do ANYTHING to the baseband which is the system that gives you phone service.
    2010-05-27 03:20 PM
  4. JuvenileE6's Avatar
    I've not been the only person having this problem ? is there anything that can cause this ? and i tried to restore the iphone back to 3.1.3 and it didnt solve the problem, so i had it replaced, worried about trying the spirit JB again, please help if you can m8
    2010-05-28 12:21 AM
  5. jkmonkey's Avatar
    As posiedon said, spirit doesn't touch the baseband so it wouldn't cause the issue. It's possible that it was something you installed after jailbreaking, but the most likely cause, since it was still happening after a clean restore, would be a hardware problem. You shouldn't worry about using spirit to jailbreak again.
    2010-05-28 04:33 AM
  6. JuvenileE6's Avatar
    have you seen the forums with people having the same problem ? i found them on google after searching for (no service after spirit jailbreak) how sure are you about this JB not messing up my phones service ? could it have something to do with windows 7 and its sercurity ?
    2010-05-29 12:40 AM
  7. matt_tee's Avatar

    Check out my post :


    I had major trouble after spirit jb, my phone would not even power up or be recognised when plugged into pc or mac.

    tried dfu, etc. to no avail!

    seems im not the only one....




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    2010-05-29 01:06 AM
  8. JuvenileE6's Avatar
    so there is a problem with spirit ? im just worried that it will stop my phone from getting signal this is shocking ! never been scared to jailbreak before ! no point in having an iphone if you cant JB it... has anyone else reported the "no service" problem after JB'ing with spirit ?
    2010-05-29 01:29 AM
  9. Poseidon79's Avatar
    This is one of the largest iPhone forums in the world and you are the only reported case I've seen... I'm thinking out of the hundreds of thousands of people that have used Spirit and maybe 3 or 4 issues most likely unrelated... you should be fine.
    2010-05-29 01:34 AM
  10. dhamien's Avatar
    Eh, two of those links doesn't have anything to do with Spirit. The two middle ones. One is due to blacksn0w (just read through it, he used blacksn0w on 05.12.01) and the other was due to some apps he installed.

    As I said in the other thread, there are thousands upon thousands of users who have successfully used Spirit. Why are the voices of a couple of users suddenly worth more than the others?
    2010-05-29 05:27 PM
  11. JuvenileE6's Avatar
    yer your totally right, f**k it ! im gonna do it, if it kills my phone AGAIN i really will cry ! lol im taking your advice as you guys seem to be great at backing up your words, here we go........

    you'll be hearing from me very shorty with a reply as to how it went ....

    is there anything i shouldnt install (from cydia) after JB'ing to avoid problems with service ? and if i run into any, can it be fixed ?
    2010-05-29 06:11 PM
  12. matt_tee's Avatar
    You the man juvenileE6!!!

    You got bottle! Let me know how it goes!

    Good luck!

    2010-05-29 06:27 PM
  13. JuvenileE6's Avatar
    just got back from the gym, left my iphone jailbreaking, didnt wanna be there and see what happened ! lol, everything seems to be fine right now, i have 3G and full service, even tried turning the phone off afew times, im thinkin it might have something to do with jailbreaking the iphone after its been restored to a past version of itself that was jailbroken... if that makes sence i.e i backed up my iphone while it was jailbroken with blackrain and when i restored the information from the jailbroken iphone to a new iphone that wasnt jailbroken, some of the features from the JB were also resoted (custom network name, and font) this time round, i restored the iphone to a fresh copy of 3.1.3 with nothing at all on it... did any of you guys having touble with spirit after restoring your iphones to a fresh version of 3.1.3 with no back up ?

    fingers crossed everything will be ok thanks for the help btw
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    2010-05-29 10:03 PM
  14. jkmonkey's Avatar
    Doing a restore and setup as a new phone instead of from backup can work miracles.
    2010-05-29 10:09 PM
  15. matt_tee's Avatar
    Sounds good, keep us informed.


    How's your iPhone, JuvenileE6? Any issues?
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    2010-05-30 10:47 AM
  16. JuvenileE6's Avatar
    Hey matt tee, everything is fine m8, doesnt feel right tho, i keep expecting something to creep up and happen, really hope nothing does but its defo a thumbs up from me... for now. have you given spirit a 2nd chance ? we both know its pointless having an iphone and not jailbreaking
    2010-05-30 09:07 PM
  17. sabersurfer's Avatar
    Sorry, since I have JB'd with Spirit I have had a couple issues too.

    I Jailbroke my iPhone the very first day the Spirit JB was released
    It worked perfectly for a few days, with no problems at all.
    Then I started to get the Lost Signal message pop up every once in a while thorough out the day, everyday now.

    Also every now and then my safari browser will "freeze/hang" to the point I have to press the home button to get it to close and re-spring or reboot my iPhone in order to get it to function again.

    I absolutely love that I have it JB'd but I hate to think that my iPhone may become bricked later because of this.

    Thinking maybe I'll just do a restore to 3.1.3 and redo the JB again and see what happens
    2010-06-01 04:43 AM
  18. JuvenileE6's Avatar
    sucks to hear, maybe right what i did, restore the iphone to 3.1.3 without backing up anything, and then jailbreak it from a fresh install of 3.1.3 without restoring from backup, something is defo up with spirit i think hope mine doesnt mess up now...
    2010-06-01 02:17 PM
  19. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    You should never restore from a backup. Always set up as a new phone.
    2010-06-01 02:59 PM
  20. hat767's Avatar
    This is pretty weird, something similar happened to me:

    I basically installed the spirit JB and everything was working fine. I can't tell exactly when this happened but I believe it was while attempting to try out "IphoneModem" with my laptop after installing openssh, iphonemodem, sbsettings, lockdown, blacklist, backgrounder and kiriikae. At some point my phone went from 3G to Edge, I thought perhaps I was at a low reception spot in my house so I tried moving a little but no change. I tried restarting the phone and then I just had no service, no matter what, I tried turning the wifi off, uninstalling iphonemodem, etc. I did notice that, according to kirikae I was running the "Phone" app in the background after rebooting even though I didn't really open it (probably by default or something) , I killed it and all of the sudden it picked up Edge again, to then lose service. I decided to restore since this was unacceptable and for some reason my itunes couldn't connect to the server, but somewhere between connecting the phone to the laptop and firing up itunes (and attempting to restore) seems to have jump started my service again. This was two days ago, no problems so far. Staying away of IphoneModem though.

    I'm a bit concerned about losing service in the next few weeks/months, but whatever, i'll probably be on the newer os by then (hopefully jailbroken too!).
    2010-06-04 05:37 PM
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