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    Hi All it has been a while,
    Since I bought my iphone 3GS 10mths ago, and hacked it immediately with Blackrain everything has been absolutely great ever since until last night. My phone was at around 40% charge and just went off. I tried to boot it up and just got the apple logo for a few seconds and just went off.
    This morning I put the phone into DFU mode and tried a restore. That all worked and I was rushing a bit as I had to go to work. Just needed my numbers etc on my phone.

    Now my dilemour. Obviously I cant put all my apps and skins etc back yet s it won't allow it through iTunes. I was running Cydia & the Rock before and had my phone backed up with them too.

    My phone was an unteathered hack and was on 3.1.2 as i was avoiding 3.1.3. As above though I am now on 3.1.3 (forced by apple).
    Do i use redsnow, purplerain or other. OR should i follow the guide here?

    I would like to restore and get all my apps back tonight so no rush

    thanks in advance to this fantastic forum


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    Use spirit to jailbreak your phone. Then just reinstall all your cydia and rock apps.
    2010-05-17 05:54 PM
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    Hi jkmonkey

    I was just about to come and reply to my own message. Ok so it looks like i need spirit this time, jailbreak with that and then when i go to cydia & rock i take it that it will allow me to put all my aps back. PHEWWWW!!
    The misses was doing her nut as i told her if my phone was broke that it would be her birthday presie out of the window as i would need a new phone lol.



    UPDATE: Ran the utilities to backup my EID etc through umbrella etc. Installed cydia and changed the root passwords again. Just need to get all my aps back now.

    I have a question of whethrer or not i must go back to 3.1.2 to get all my cydia apps back or can i just get them back on 3.1.3?? I have SHSHs of 3.1.2 & now 3.1.3 on Cydia.


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    No need to downgrade to get your cydia apps, they'll work on 3.1.3.
    2010-05-18 03:00 PM
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    I tried to use the appsync thing by adding the but it wouldnt install the app because i was on 3.1.3

    So i thought i would have to go back to 3.1.2??

    I went onto cydia and couldnt see how to get my apps back other than using the backup i have of them on my pc at home.

    I guess i must be missing something here

    Stuck in the boot loop a the mo after trying to go back to 3.1.2 and getting 1015, now 1604

    This is getting annoying

    I will go back to 3.1.3 and see if i can leave my phone at that and get my apps all sorted.



    oh dear now i have error code 13. I really am at a loss here as i cant seem to get this phone back to 3.1.3 or any other version at the mo.

    ok restored back to 3.1.3 and reinstalled the itunes apps. Now to hack it again with Spirit and then try and get the Cydia stuff back.

    What a pain this all is at the mo

    back on 3.1.3
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