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    Hi guys

    Just successfully updated the firmware following the redsnow guide here.

    Many thanks to the guide creator.

    I'm not saying i didn't have problems. My problems were:

    (1) constant RESTORE mode
    (2) constant RESTORE mode and only emergency calls only screen

    On both of these occasions i just ran Redsnow again and again but it didn't work even when redsnow started doing it's thing on my iphone as in installing Cydia with the pineapple screen pic and other software.

    I never turned off my machine or rebooted. I just turned the phone off. Then it still didn't work so i updated iTunes to latest version and also right clicked on Redsnow and ensured i checked the XP compatability mode. Then ran redsnow once again and BINGO BANGO everything went hunky dory.

    I can tell ya for someone who relys on this phone for work everyday my heart was racing like hell. but PHEW it came back to life and i checked by calling my iPhone and it worked.

    ONE TIP i would give you guys don't encrypt your backup coz (for those who have read my posts) i forgot the dam password and i cant get all my backup stuff back on my iPhone. Lucky i had a OLD COPY of everything in the WINDOWS CONTACTs folder - i back it up by just copying the whole folder to another hard drive/partition. So i didn't lose that much.

    I know how BLOOMING hard it is when things go wrong or you have a few questions before 'going for it'.

    If i can help in anyway let me know and i will try my best.
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