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    My iphone is jailbroken/unlocked [3.1.2 (7D11)], modem 04.26.08 - I had recently upgraded to this using a 'all inclusive package via web'.

    When I am trying to install the SB setting Data toggle (via Cydia) I cannot do the same becasue of listed dependencies (says I need SBsetting - which I did install but still does not help; uninstall, re-install does not help; doing this in different order does not either). BTW, I am not able to see the SBsettings options from "launcher" either so not sure if it is actually installed either.

    What I want to actually do is use my iPhone without Data plan (doing this now drains my battery very fast).

    What am I doing wrong in installing Sbsetting and/or Data option?

    Thanks in advance.
    2010-06-01 07:38 AM
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    The "Data" toggle is a really helpful toggle in case one uses EDGE or GPRS. If turned Off, it kills your involuntary data usage whenever the Safari is turned on, since it assigns a bad IP address & restricts your unintended Inter-Net usage & THUS saving your telephone bills.

    There are 2(two) Edge toggles in the latest sbsetting version 3.0.11. Both should be switched to 'OFF' to protect any un-warranted EDGE/GPRS internet usage.

    By the way, to check whether sbsettings is installed on your phone or not, 'Slide your finger left-to-right on the status bar located on the top displaying the time & battery strength. It should "drop-down" if correctly installed.
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