1. itsamarkthing's Avatar
    I did a SpiritJB on my 3GS 3.1.3 on Monday and everything was absolutely perfectly until a few hours ago when I was playing a game on my iPhone and I got a message saying;

    "Restore Needed iPhone cannot make or receive calls. Restore from iTunes. www.apple.com/support"

    So, without really thinking I went straight to iTunes and went to restore it but after extracting the files I was greeted with this;

    "The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored .An unknown error occurred(23)"

    A little bemused by this I popped it into recovery mode and tried again and the same error occurred. So now I basically have an iPhone sitting in recovery mode refusing to be restored and I've searched high and low on the internet for someone with the same problem and I cannot find anything that helps at all.

    I tried going to 3.1.2 using SHSH on Cydia but obviously that didn't work and I got the error about not suiting that build or whatever, which I was expecting anyway.

    Any tips folks?
    2010-06-02 03:57 AM
  2. mj0528's Avatar
    2010-06-02 04:16 AM
  3. jkmonkey's Avatar
    Error 23 usually means there is a hardware problem with the device. That would explain why you suddenly got that message when you were using it. I think your in for a trip to the apple store.
    2010-06-02 04:23 AM
  4. itsamarkthing's Avatar
    Yeah so I feared. Surely they will be able to tell it was JB before it all went sour?
    2010-06-02 04:38 AM
  5. dr0herb's Avatar
    if you cant get into the phone via dfu neither will they. I brought a jb iphone to the applestore that wouldnt connect to itunes and they gave me a new one. They wont know, your fine dont worry.
    2010-06-02 05:05 AM
  6. itsamarkthing's Avatar
    Alright guys cheers for the advice. Just back from the Apple Store there with a brand new replacement, all shiny and delightful.

    I know that it was a hardware error that stopped it restoring and nothing to do with the SpiritJB but I'm a little hesitant to do it again, should I be?
    2010-06-03 06:44 PM
  7. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    No, you shouldn't be worried. I have jailbroken a couple of 3GSs and an iPod touch and none have any issues.
    2010-06-03 07:04 PM
  8. dr0herb's Avatar
    100% sure spirit didint cause the problem.

    It's safe to jailbreak again.
    2010-06-03 08:19 PM
  9. itsamarkthing's Avatar
    Cheers again fellas, just jailbroke again and working my way through Angry Birds at quite a pace.
    2010-06-04 01:53 AM