1. JoeStorm's Avatar
    I'll be buying a iPhone4 the day it is released. I'll also be unlocking my 3GS and selling it on eBay. What will I need to do to move my purchased JB apps to my new phone?
    2010-06-09 02:19 AM
  2. ianbroste's Avatar
    Once a jailbreak is available for the iPhone 4 you simply just need to re-download the apps you had. You won't have to pay again Cydia already knows you purchased them. This is all assuming the apps will work on os4
    2010-06-09 02:38 AM
  3. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Yup correct
    2010-06-09 02:39 AM
  4. DJM AutoWerkz's Avatar
    I beleive cydia apps are unique to ones iPhone iccid or serial number. I had 2g with yourtube pitched then upgraded to a 3gs and yourtube prompted me to repurchase it. Maybe if you email the app creator then they can allow u to redownload at no cost.
    2010-06-09 02:44 AM
  5. battlecrushr's Avatar
    no if u just sign in with the same info itll be free
    2010-06-09 02:48 AM
  6. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Cydia Store apps can be downloaded on multiple devices after a single puchase as they are tied to your Google or Amazon log in.
    2010-06-09 02:48 AM
  7. JoeStorm's Avatar
    Cool. Thanks guys.
    2010-06-09 03:55 AM
  8. z6joker9's Avatar
    Yep, I've gone from 2G to 3G to 3G[s](two different ones) and my Cydia purchases followed me from device to device. At some point in the past, I've had to have specific apps "reset" by the dev, but that might be a thing of the past now that Cydia itself handles the purchasing. Though I think a couple of Apps still handle purchases separately. Maybe Lockinfo?
    2010-06-09 06:43 AM
  9. BELLISSIMA's Avatar
    that's if u will be able to JB ur 4 any soon
    2010-06-09 09:43 AM