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    Hey everyone!

    I want to know if I jailbroke my iPhone 3GS on 3.1.3 using PurpleRa1n, will it be the same as jailbreaking 3.1.2 using BlackRa1n? I already had 4.0 installed, but downgraded to jailbreak it when I found out you must have a pre-jailbroken device to use PwnageTool, and Spirit is not allowed. I cannot downgrade to 3.1.2 first because I don't have SHSH blobs saved with Saurik and because I just got this iPhone 3GS (never been jailbroken) with an iBoot version of 359.3, the old iBoot (I confirmed this using System Profiler).

    So what I'm basically asking here, is if I can jailbreak iOS4 using PwnageTool Bundles after PurpleRa1ning my iPhone 3GS as it seems to be exactly like the BlackRa1n jailbreaking tool (with an icon asking you to install Cydia after jailbreak). This method is basically the custom firmware restore, as I cannot do this from Official Untouched "vanilla" firmware.

    Thanks guys!

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