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    I have an original iPhone which is jailbroken. It has gone into recovery mode and when I connect to itunes the only option is to reset it back to factory settings. Does doing this brick my phone?
    2010-06-21 08:56 PM
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    1 - Try kicking the phone out of Restore.
    • connect to pc/MAC
    • hold home+power button for 15 sec
    • release
    • hold power button for 2 sec
    2 - If that does not help - download a help program named iRecovery
    • Start iRecovery in a command window (terminal)
    • Copy & Paste from here: (not the numbers)
      Type in the following commands. Hit Enter after every single command:
      1. iRecovery -s
      2. printenv
      3. setenv auto-boot true (THIS IS THE TRICK!!)
      4. saveenv
      5. reboot
    3- If "NOTHING" works - restore! BUT! take care to go back to an older FW by using the shift-restore thing. If you do not know what that is....well then you have some reading and late night googling to do...
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    Do hope that helps


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    2010-06-21 11:46 PM