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    My iPhone 3GS is stuck in the "connect to iTunes loop," I have tried everything with no success. In January when I purchased it, I Jailbroke with blackra1n & had to use the tethered JB because of my week #. All was perfect until 3 weeks ago, it would not reboot with blackra1n. So I restored to my original "pre-jailbreak" backup, updated to 3.1.3 & jailbroke with SPIRIT. Re-jailbreaking with Spirit was easy & after a couple days I had my iPhone better than ever. Before I loaded my iPod player up, I decided to use "iWipe" from Cydia to clean up & zero out free space. I plugged into my wall charger, started iWipe & fell asleep. When I awoke, the "connect to iTunes" & will not respond to anything. The first few days I was stuck in the "reddead battery" loop, now I'm stuck in the "connect to iTunes" loop. What do I do?
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