1. duggboy's Avatar
    Ok, a little help here, this jailbreaking is a continual learning process!

    3GS 32 GB
    Bootrom: iboot 359-3-2
    Baseband: No idea as I didn't check before my phone went into a blackrain induced coma.
    Notes: Bought as new last year with 3.1.2 built in. Jailbroke with Blackrain. Entered Blackrain coma last week. Restored yesterday using new 4.0 OS.

    My phone was in a recovery loop after being switched off. I couldn't restore as I had no file with Cydia. I upgraded to the official 4.0 yesterday, I require a carrier unlock so it is stuck at the activation page. Can anything be done?

    Any help is much appreciated.
    2010-06-23 09:07 AM