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  1. Rundemc's Avatar
    Phone specs:
    Iphone 3GS 16Gig
    running JB 3.1
    359.2 IBoot
    4.26.08 MF
    comp: Win7

    i am trying to upgrade from my now ancient-ish 3.1 to at least 3.1.3 just to clear it of all the things ive done to it and start fresh again... but in trying to use sn0wbreeze V1.5.1 i can only get the 1600 error when trying to restore out of DFU mode... was this error the one that is being received because apple isnt currently signing the firmware? i do have all shsh hashed on saurik's server and itunes pointed in its direction(if i did it right that is).

    so i guess my question is should i be doing something else to create my custom ipsw or do i just have to take an extra step or two in getting from what firmware i am currently on and if i upgrade to 3.1.3 will i be able to JB a 4.0 install later on when a windows program is released?
    2010-06-23 02:27 PM
  2. Will01's Avatar
    You should be able to JB iOS4 any day now when snowbreeze is released.

    The 1600 error can sometimes be circumvented by restoring in Restore Mode rather than DFU or vice versa.

    However I don't believe a 3GS can be upgraded to 313 now because of lack of apple signage and if you have never been on 313 you wont have shsh for it.
    2010-06-23 03:15 PM
  3. Rundemc's Avatar
    yeah i thought so on the signage thing but cydia shows my i have my shsh stored for 3.1, 3.1.2, and 3.1.3 wich is confusing me... im 90% sure i never tried to upg to 3.1.3 at any point or even 3.1.2 so whatever... i guess ill just wait till i can go straight to 4.0 since anything past where i am and below that point look like its not going to happen... thanks for responding to me

    HAH! just tried to to it again and performed a restore again and it just worked even though it would not before... all is good i guess... just hoping when i can upg to 4.0 it goes smoothly
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    2010-06-23 04:20 PM
  4. Will01's Avatar
    Glad your sorted. The probability is that you used umbrella or autoshsh to save your shsh for 313 or perhaps cydia saved it when apple where signing 313. I am unsure whether you need to actually be running 313 for cydia to save your SHSH. So long as apple are signing it, it may be able to be saved regardless of fw currently running.

    Don't quote me on that tho
    2010-06-23 04:54 PM