1. tbdsonicx2's Avatar
    Jailbreak iOS 4 Firmware on iPhone 3GS for Windows

    They give you 5 links i believe that you must download then combine and it supposedly hactivates your iPhone. Anyway, I need to know if I already upgraded to the official 4.0 and i restore my iphone with this custom firmware what will happen? Also will it activate my phone so i dont need to borrow a friends sim card? Thanks.
    2010-06-23 10:06 PM
  2. jjustme's Avatar
    I think you need to downgrade toa hacktivated 3.1.3 or 3.1.2, jailbreak it and then upgrade to this firmware.

    Worked for me (made my own though)

    Make sure you have an old bootrom 3gs though.
    2010-06-23 10:35 PM
  3. tbdsonicx2's Avatar
    **** ME. I just had my iphone custom jailbroken and unlocked yesterday and some bogus site told me how to jailbreak it and it ended up not working so now im screwed until a new jailbreak comes out which im guessing will be next week.
    2010-06-23 10:47 PM
  4. jjustme's Avatar
    custom firmware needs a previously jailbroken iphone. So if you can jailbreak your phone in any way below the 4.0 firmware, you can then restore to this 4.0 custom firmware with no problems.
    2010-06-23 10:50 PM