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    Alright, so just about everything below is rendered almost useless, as no matter how much I searched the forum, I couldn't find MMi's 4.0 Compatibility List (however, a bit of googling found it for me...odd).

    Moral of the story: don't use the Rock/AppBackup backups.


    I just got my 3GS jailbroken on 4.0 after some downgrading woes and whatnot (went from JB 3.1 to 4.0, back down to 3.1.2 then back up to JB 4.0), and as soon as I entered into Cydia, I downloaded Rock and restored from my backup.

    Good god, I wish I didn't.

    I had a slew of various downloads via Cydia backed up on Rock. I applied the backup and let Rock install everything that it could (with various apps not being able to due to repos not installed). I've gone through the list, deleting many extensions and whatnot that I believed that would cause an issue, and I still get the Sad iPhone on my lockscreen after deleting mostly everything.

    I figure the only way out of Safe Mode is restore in iTunes using my custom 4.0 IPSW via PwnageTool and manually download select few items via Cydia (SBSettings, BossPrefs, Winterboard, etc).

    Finally, since I'm on this issue, I remember back when I installed 3.1 JB that there were some files waiting to be upgraded/modified in Cydia, such as the community repo and whatnot. Now, there is absolutely nothing showing up under "Changes", but all available downloads show up under "Sections". I stayed on 3.1 until 4.0 came out, so I don't know if Cydia has been like this on a fresh install/JB; if it has, I stand corrected.

    Any and all help/clarification would be greatly welcomed and will be rewarded with an imaginary, yet delicious, plate of fudge-infused brownies.
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