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    Hey, Im hoping someone can give me a little clarity for a problem Im having with my iphone?
    My details: I just got a new 3gs, its never been jailbroken, everything was done legit from my provider (i assume).. My specs are, firmware 3.1.3on baseband 05.12.01, and im on windows7. I havent upgraded anything on itunes, still running an old version of itunes ..
    I want to upgrade somehow to the newest ios 4.0, for all those clever features.. Ive run my phone thru f0recast to see if i was on the new bootrom and the details just confused me more.
    On f0recast my details were :
    Jailbreakable - only if SHSH is saved??
    Unlockable - NO
    Tethered - Maybe, depends if refurb.. (cant read the rest, assuming it means refurbished; my invoice reads the make/model as: APPLEIPHN3GSR/F, so Im guessing it is)
    So thats where Im left off tho, Ive been looking thru tutorials and such for some education for days now but im just getting more and more confused as i go along, admittably..
    So Im really hoping someone can lend some expertise and more importantly some kindness to help me out if they can? I simply just want to upgrade to the newest IOS as cleanly as i can.. I was almost tempted to do it thru itunes, but I fear if i go thru them for the new upgrade I wont be able to jailbreak in the future, am I correct??
    So what should I do? Im really stuck! I hope someone here has encountered this similar obstacle and can easily guide me thru this??
    I do appreciate it very much to all that have read this message. I really hope to hear back from someone with some information that can help me out!
    Thanks alot guys for all the tedious work, peace.

    2010-06-29 06:53 AM
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    your only option at this point for jailbreaking is to use Spirit, there is no jailbreak available for a new 3GS on 4.0 at this time

    (use Spirit on your current firmware 3.1.3)
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    2010-06-29 11:05 AM