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    Hey all

    Just been helping out a fellow member via PM and thought I would share this little rundown for those of you new to JB'ing and who need some easy to follow instructions.

    This is not a guide to JB- there is plenty out here for that- this is what to do for those crucial couple of hous after you see those epic words


    Ok, straight off the bat; you need to get the Rock app from Cydia- it is basically another Cydia app store but with heaps of cool extra underground apps and tweaks.

    Straight Up this is what you need to get:


    Ok, go to Cydia and add sources:


    Now you have a bunch of sources for those apps you're looking for !!

    Just go to Manage>Sources> add and follow the prompts to add them each individually

    Now start downloading- search for and download:


    Those first two enable you to play with files- they arent a physical app, they just add some code to your phone somewhere to allow you to **** with stuff.

    So now to get some fun stuff ...

    Ok- without boring you with all the **** I have in my phone; here are apps you have to get, and a few awesome sources:

    Search and install:

    -advanced preferences (allows you to control more settings within default settings screen)

    -five icon dock (of course)

    -memtool (clears up RAM with a button click)

    -iacces4english (keyboard customiser)

    -Make it Mine (changes banner and service provider name to whatever you want)

    -Winterboard (of course. the ultimate theming platform)

    -Categories (puts apps into folders ) I just run one single home page and have custom folders for everything from the homescreen

    -flashlight (better than the itunes one)

    -glowbattery (awesome little battery prog)

    -bosspaper (awesome wallpaper mod ability)

    -fontswap (change system fonts to look sick)

    -mobileterminal (i think its called mobile terminal- to run scripts which I can explain another time to erase all the crap languages other than that of your native tongue)

    -beautiful cydia dark (get rid of the yukk blues and make cydia look half cool)

    -black status bars

    -black navigation bars

    Also, you HAVE to get an app called SnapTap from Cydia- it is a PAID app but for 99 cents USD it is insanely worth it- best buck I have ever spent- it allows you to use your volume buttons for the clicker on your phone app- as the screen when taking shots of yourself is a pain sometimes...it works great and i love it..works on some cam apps but not all. But especially good with the standard cam app and also with ActionCam

    ok, so some of those file installs will install other stuff which is useful as well, so dont freak if other stuff appears in your cydia/manage/packages list in cydia !!!!

    So now the rest is up to you; check out some winteboard themes, replacement fonts, colours, new keyboard themes, and free apps on itunes..

    Plus there are some great system tweaks in cydia and rock; such as those to hide your lockscreen clock, or enable other cool little tweaks such as hide your battery icon in the top bar- the rest is all personal preferences.. go sick and enjoy

    Oh, and also, find a program called iPhoneBrowser out there for Windows users- not through cydia- just through your standard online PC sources Install it on your PC - now you can go into your iphone's files through your USB connection on your PC thanks to those first two apps you installed, and browse like crazy- you will find some cool **** in there and anything is replacable for the most part- for instance I installed the TomTom GPS app , and was able to hack in there and replace the default lame accented voices with Ozzy Osbourne,Mr T, The Hoff, C3PO, The Queen, Snoop Dogg etc... If anyone wants those voices (which I paid for legally and am able to share), lemme know and I will post them somewhere for you.

    uh huh. iPhones rule.
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    Edited to remove manual app installation instructions because lets face it....if you purchase your apps legally, there is no need for those instructions AT ALL.
    2010-07-01 03:06 AM
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    sweet sorry mate, let me know if there is anything else that could be a weapon in the wrong hands Although I do from time to time download 3rd parties on my pC to save bandwidth usage on my phone plan..a prog like the TOMTOM app from their site is like 300 MB which to some is their whole month of usage !! Cheers for not crucifying me though, appreciated.
    My Rotten Pear beats your fresh Apple every time.
    2010-07-01 03:12 AM
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    No problem, nice guide otherwise

    PS- You can still download the apps through your PC, just use iTunes.
    2010-07-01 03:17 AM
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    Good Call. And your post count both sickens me and makes me reach for the Optasine. Thats alot of wisdom and late nights.
    My Rotten Pear beats your fresh Apple every time.
    2010-07-01 03:20 AM
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    Hahaha, well I did have a 3 year head start
    2010-07-01 03:30 AM