1. jbourne84's Avatar
    ill apologize in advance if im the umpteenth person to ask all this

    is it possible to have Verizon with an iphone 3g or 4g without data package but WITH Wifi?
    does iOS 4 make a difference?
    how dificult is it to do this?
    how much should i expect to spend?

    If iphone is eventually available through verizon and i wanted to get on an actual iphone plan is it possible to reverse any jailbreaking/unlocking?
    2010-07-07 03:29 PM
  2. kraziebone's Avatar
    Unfortunately what you're asking is not possible without some extremely intense modifications to the hardware of the iPhone. They run on a completely different technology and are completely incompatible. The iPhone uses GSM technology with AT&T, Verizon uses CDMA so there is just no way of doing it. As far as "reversing any jailbreaking/unlocking" you are able to restore your device, completely reversing any of the effects of jailbreaking and unlocking but without Verizon compatibility I'm guessing you don't care too much about that anymore
    2010-07-07 03:48 PM
  3. winvargh's Avatar
    No you can not. Verizon does not have a sim card and there is no way you can get around their data plan. You must have it. Wifi is part of the phone you always have it. Ios4 does not make diffrence. It's like impossible. Spend to buy a new iPhone? That's up to you. Yes you can restore the iPhone and jailbreak and unlock is gone.
    2010-07-07 05:13 PM