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    Hey y'all, sorry for what is probably a very common thread, but I have a few questions about jailbreaking my iPhone 3G, ios 4. I'll be upgrading to the iPhone 4 whenever Otterbox releases their cases and want to jailbreak our current phones prior to selling them. Could someone answer these questions please?!

    1. How will jailbreaking my current phone affect its functionality? I'm considering going ahead and jailbreaking mine, but I don't want to do it if I run the risk of having an iBrick for the next month or two while waiting to upgrade to the iPhone 4. I've read that the jailbreak disables MMS. Is that common, and is there a fix for it?

    2. If I do go ahead and jailbreak my phone, and for some reason it becomes very difficult to use, will a simple restore on iTunes remedy the problem?

    3. Do I run the risk of getting in trouble with AT&T (violation of contract, terms and conditions, etc.) by jailbreaking my phone? If so, how significant is that risk?

    4. Do I need to jailbreak our phones while they're still using the AT&T sim card? Or can I wait 'til after we get our new phones?


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    you bumped your thread 20 minutes after you wrote it? lol
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    lol...no. I actually wrote it yesterday afternoon and this morning it was buried on the second page. I bumped it this morning, then about 20 minutes after bumping it I went back and changed one of the questions!

    Still getting use to how this forum works!
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    1.) it will increase the functionality, use redsn0w to jailbreak and you should have no MMS issues

    2.) yes

    3.) they will not know it is jailbroken

    4.) you can jailbreak with your current sims in the phones, or wait, it's up to you
    2010-07-10 07:28 PM