1. xnotoriouzpakix's Avatar
    I have spent hours so far on this. I was trying to restore a 3.1.2 new bootrom iphone(jailbreaked with blackra1n) to 3.1.3 (Yes 4.0 is already out) to fix the damn wifi issue it has. I was then gona spirit it. It gave me erros 3194 during the restore i figuired because the phone obviously did not have 3.1.3 shsh blog. So i was like hmm let me try if i just use sn0wbreeze to install the jailbroken custom ipsw and that is giving me error 1604. So i gave up and was like ok let me just blackra1n it again and continue using it with the wifi issue and tethered, but now i use blackra1n and geohots picture comes up...i wait and wait..then the little white dotted circle comes up and goes VERY slow...then the phone just reboots. and im stuck again in recovery mode. I have tried MANY different things..but am having no luck. NOTHING is working and I have no idea what i should do now. HELP ??????????
    2010-07-10 03:20 PM
  2. dhamien's Avatar
    Not sure about your problem, but in case others are reading, the problem with wifi was caused by blacksn0w, not blackra1n. The way to solve that is by uninstalling blacksn0w and installing ultrasn0w instead.
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    2010-07-10 10:21 PM
  3. j3st3r's Avatar
    if you do not have any 3.1.2/3 shsh's stored on cydia or your computer then you will only be able to restore to 4.0 at this point
    2010-07-11 04:54 AM