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  1. toransu's Avatar
    I have an iPhone 3G running iOS 4.0, and my phone won't enter DFU mode so I can downgrade to 3.1.3. I've tried it with and without jailbreak apps to guide me through it. Is there any app I can use to force DFU mode, or am I screwed?
    2010-07-13 08:38 AM
  2. dhamien's Avatar
    pwnagetool might be able to put the phone in DFU mode. You should be able to do it manually too though. Quick guide in case you found a bad one elsewhere:

    1. Connect the phone to the computer and have iTunes open.
    2. Turn off the phone.
    3. Press and hold both power and home button for 10 seconds.
    4. Release power button but keep holding home button for another 10 seconds.
    5. Your computer should now recognize the phone as being in recovery mode (don't worry, it's actually DFU).
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    2010-07-13 01:41 PM