1. parsapple's Avatar
    i have recently bought a used iphone 3gs os 3.1.3 which is new-bootrom. it is stuck on the connect to itunes page and says
    no sim card or locked sim, insert a valid sim....)and I want to jailbreak this iphone after surfing modmyi, iclarified and iphoneheat for hours i have decided to open a thread. so here is the things i tried:
    - i tried jailbreaking it with spirit but gives an eror code of -1 which i think is because of being stuck on this page.
    - i read all the other things i saw but none of them matched my iphone, some said oldbootrom some said 3.1.2. some said saved 3.1.2. shsh blobs.
    -then i put the iphone into DFU
    -i tried spirit but it doesn't find the iphone now which is in DFU

    so what should i do, is there any hope of jailbreaking this phone?
    what will happen if I restore this iphone with a custom pack os from iphoneheat?????

    2010-07-13 04:49 PM
  2. abhi_104's Avatar
    Even I am planning to buy new IPhone 3gs 16gb from bestbuy, just not sure if it can be unlocked/jailbroken.

    Please help!
    2010-07-13 06:14 PM
  3. wazjackal's Avatar
    Well all I will say if there are no shsh blobs on file when you activate the phone it will update to new firmware(4 os) but if you can activate phone on 3.1.3 and is on and don't have itunes version 9.2 installed you then could use spirit the userland jailbreak to install cydia and then have a jailbroken/unlocked mc model iPhone jailbroken and unlocked but phone needs to be on 3.1.3 activated and previous versions of iTunes before 9.2 for spirit to work
    2010-07-13 06:58 PM