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    Hey guys... I have an iphone 3g and i was on 3.1.2 and I decided to go on 4.0.1 so I let itunes do the upgrade ... but I'm stuck on this screen for 30mins now... the screen where I see apple logo and the upgrade progress bar its done bit more than half way .. like 60% and on the computer the progress shows as almost done.. my itunes is upto date and its not frozen either... but both things have been stuck for past 30 mins.. no signs of any progress... please help what should I do??? I've attached the picture showing progress of itunes
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    Stop the restore and put the phone in dfu mode and start over.

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    2010-07-18 03:08 AM
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    Do you have wifi sync installed on the computer? That seems to be the overwhelming reason for most people having this issue.

    Uninstall wifi sync from the computer and then restart the computer and try restoring with the iphone hooked up to another usb port.
    2010-07-18 03:14 AM
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    okay so what I did was I disconnected the USB cable from the iPhone since there was no other way to stop the process.. it imeediately restarted and displayed the screen where it says connect to itunes... and then i had to kill itunes from taskbar since it wasn't doing anything... and when i relaunched itunes it asked me to restore so i let it do it.. and its again on the screen right now things are moving but im not at the spot yet where i got stuck... and i'm not sure what it is restoring too either... hope im going right.. but thanks.. will get back soon
    2010-07-18 03:20 AM
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    I'd just stop the update and restore? Should work I think, it has for me in the past
    2010-07-18 03:21 AM
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    so i tried to kill the process of wifi sync through taskbar while i was attempting the restore and as soon as i did that itunes gave me an error saying the restore could not be completed... so then i uninstalled wifi sync and now restarted my laptop and now i plugged iphone in a diff. usb port and as i connected I got the connect to itunes screen on iPhone and in the itunes i clicked on restore.. its doing the process right now.. hopefully this goes through.. thanks guys..

    Hey guys so now the process went through successfully... the only thing is now I don't know what firmware i'm on... Previous before this whole mess i was on 3.1.2 and i was trying to go on 4.0.1 .. I must have it unlocked in order to use this phone.. so right now on itunes it shows there is no sim car in the phone.. so i wouldn't know how to proceed my jailbreak... any help here?? thanks alot
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    iPhone 3G – Windows
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    2010-07-18 03:51 AM
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    Dev-Team Blog
    Go down under the video down the page and download Redsn0w. Then run Redsn0w and follow the instructions. Then go to Cydia after it's installed, and go to "Manage" on the bottom bar, then go to Sources and on the top corner hit "Edit" then "add" and type "repo666.ultrasn0w.com" then just search for "ultrasn0w 0.93", download it, and restart your phone and it will be unlocked
    2010-07-18 03:53 AM
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    urgh.. i put it in DFU mode as i was anxious to find out the firmware.. and no im stuck so i guess I will download 3.1.2 and do Shift+restore .. hopefully that will work out...
    2010-07-18 03:53 AM
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    If you just restore without shift+restore, it will go to 4.0.1 firmware, and you can follow the jailbreak instruction from above
    2010-07-18 03:56 AM
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    damn... i should have waited a little longer... I'm so dumb.. I just got really worried and thought I'd loose my iPhone... so I rushed through somethings... basically what happened was I did not do shift restore.. so like you i guess I should have been on 4.0.1 but i didnt know that... so in order to find that out i wanted to put it in recovery mode so maybe itunes would show me the firmware but i accidently put it in DFU mode.. and I had no backing out now.. so i clicked on restore again now... I was thinking of downloading 3.1.2 and shift+restoring to that.. but instead now i just click on restore.. so i think I will go back to 4.0.1. Thanks agian...
    2010-07-18 04:00 AM
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    Take it out of dfu by holding both buttons and releasing them when the apple shows up. . If you restored, it automatically put 4.0.1 on it unless you specified otherwise. You need to use redsn0w http://mygadgetnews.com/downloads/re..._0.9.5b5-5.zip here, and follow the instructions click yes to hacktivate. Use this ipsw here when it ask for one. ModMyi Forums - Downloads - iPhone 3G 4.0.1
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    2010-07-18 04:02 AM
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    yes, so right now its restoring to I believe 4.0.1 The only thing that doesn't make sense to me is that I never got onto 4.0.1 in first place.. during my update from 3.1.2 it got stuck and then i ended up doing restore. So why would it restore 4.0.1? I know how jailbreak it but this is the part that does not make sense to me...
    2010-07-18 04:08 AM
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    Well to make your jailbreak instructions clear, seeing as I'm going offline, here you go:

    1. After upgrading to 4.0.1 download redsn0w 0.9.5b5-5 from RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
    2. Download the correct iOS 4 firmware to match your iPhone model. So for example, if you are on an iPhone 3G, make sure to get the firmware to match the iPhone 3G. It should be the 4.0 firmware you download. ModMyi Forums - Downloads - Firmware should be perfect to find it.
    3. Now run redsn0w, and when it asks you to select the current firmware for your device, make sure you select the 4.0 firmware.
    4. From then on just follow the instructions. I recommend only ticking Cydia and Homescreen Wallpaper if you are on a 3G.
    5. After the jailbreak is done, go to Cydia, and then "Manage" on the bottom row. Then "Sources", the press "Edit" then "Add" in the top corners, and type "repo666.ultrasn0w.com" and then search for "ultrasn0w 0.93" and download it. Then restart the phone and it should be unlocked.

    If you are restoring and an update is available, it automatically downloads the new update and restores to that one
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    thanks alot zackehsoul .. right now its jailbreaking.. i did exactly what you said... really appreciate all the help i've gotten here today... thanks

    Now I am finally jailbroken & unlocked on 4.0.1 using Redsn0w and ultrasn0w.. thanks to everyone who helped me out..
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    2010-07-18 04:14 AM
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    Welcome Good luck with it all
    2010-07-18 04:16 AM