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    This is for people like me who need/want to restore their iPhone 3Gs with out updating to the current firmware and loosing there Jailbreak.

    1st we will need to change our host's files to trick itunes to think its communicating with Apple's servers.

    Please follow the Guide here.
    Caching Apple's Signature Server: Caching Apple's Signature Server - Jay Freeman (saurik)

    You might find with Win7 that you might not be able to save the edited host file, So what you need to do is copy the text into a new document saved it as "hosts" and then overwrite the current file so it replaces it.

    Once this is done and you have saved the host files, you can start preparing your iPhone.

    Now here its gets a little confusing with all the different ways to do this. Some will say you need to put your iphone into "restore mode" other will say you need to put it in "DFU mode"

    Difference is sometimes restoring in recovery mode when your having issues just wont work when DFU mode will. Also, programs like pwnage require it.

    Now, what exactly is the difference you say.....

    DFU mode DOESNT boot up the OS and so doesnt communicate as much to the computer (Itunes). Recovery mode is a much more booted state and can cause problems doing stuff.
    Some people if not most will put it into "restore mode" when restoring iphone firmware. With this alot of people recieve the 1600 Error from apple this is due to restoring cooked "hacked firmwares" and i believe it do not get verified (for obvious reasons)

    You might be sitting there pulling your hair out on what to do, Best way to restore the iPhone with the Custom Firmware from Sn0wbreeze would be to restore it while it is booted normally (not in restore/dfu mode), From there you hold "shift" (windows pc) and press the restore button and select the custom firmware you made before (when previously jailbroken)

    Then you should be able see your iPhone restore back to iOS4 shouldn't take no more then 15-20 mins.

    I hope this helps alot of new people to the site and to the jailbreaking community, Im just sharing my experience having learned most of what i needed in a quick amount of time as im very new to Apple products.

    Thanks everyone!


    PS. This will not work for the newer boot roms, nor if you dont have your SHSH on file and on a previous firmware JB.
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