1. rmsmillertime's Avatar
    I studied many threads so if I'm asking a stupid or already posted answer...appologies, but I could really use some specific guidance 9so I don't toast a new phone).

    My new 3g is running stock iOS4.0.1 (8A306) firmware. It is new from the Apple store and has not been upgraded.

    I am attempting to jailbreak/unlock this phone. Can I do this? Pwnage and RedSnOw seem to only work with the 4.0 (8A293) OS.

    1. Can /(how can) I jaibreak 4.0.1?
    2. If I can't do (1), then can /(how can)I go from stock 4.0.1 to a jaibreak/unlock 4.0?

    [I've done 2g hacks before, but this is my 1st 3g try, so I'd appreciate anyone's help]
    2010-07-20 02:55 PM
  2. Spotnec's Avatar
    2010-07-20 03:35 PM
  3. Will01's Avatar
    Redsn0w is your best bet, it simply extracts some files from the FW to allow it to JB, so you can use iOS4 FW to JB 4.0.1. Simply point red 0.9.5-b5 to iOS4.0 FW, it will then JB your 4.0.1 device. Once done, simply load up cydia and install Ultrasn0w 0.93 to unlock
    2010-07-20 03:37 PM
  4. cadsii's Avatar
    2010-07-20 03:42 PM
  5. rmsmillertime's Avatar
    Thanks cadsii and Will01:
    Your answers and guide make it very clear and I will try tonight. I hope to post a success email this evening
    2010-07-20 04:52 PM
  6. cadsii's Avatar
    btw whole process should not take more then 5 min ifi you are already on 4.0+
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    2010-07-20 05:00 PM
  7. rmsmillertime's Avatar
    cadsii - does it matter if i use pwnage or redsnow
    2010-07-20 06:46 PM
  8. Will01's Avatar
    Redsn0w is easier.
    2010-07-20 06:51 PM
  9. cadsii's Avatar
    redsn0w that way your just modding it, you dont lose anything, pwnage tool your loading on new firmware
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    2010-07-21 12:08 AM
  10. rmsmillertime's Avatar
    Success!!!! the modd worked perfectly. redsn0w, left the multitask and walpapers unchecked. load went quickly; rebooted and switched to my tmobile sim; turned off 3G; installed ultrasn0w; rebooted and everything works.

    Thanks cadsii and will01 for your guidance
    2010-07-21 02:06 AM
  11. varck63's Avatar
    Im listening to you alls post and everytime I get to IPSW it says that it's unable. Its becoming fustrating becuase I have jailbreaking every iphone I had up until now. Please help me.
    2010-07-25 11:11 PM
  12. cadsii's Avatar
    are you selecting the 4.0 firmware using redsn0w ?
    even though you are on 4.0.1 you have to select 4.0 in redsn0w
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    2010-07-27 02:46 PM
  13. varck63's Avatar
    what link did you use for redsn0w 4.0 becuase thats what im using and my ipsw wont agree.
    2010-07-28 05:56 PM
  14. cadsii's Avatar
    make sure you grab the right on beta 5

    redsnow 0.9.5 Beta 5.5 (with carrier & mms fix) osx | win

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    2010-07-28 09:33 PM
  15. varck63's Avatar
    I'm running into the same problems the ipsw isn't responding. Would it be becuase I hvae iTunes 9.2.1?
    2010-08-05 02:13 AM
  16. cadsii's Avatar
    no doubt it you usin the redsn0w above and whats the name of the firmware file ?
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    2010-08-06 03:50 PM
  17. rmsmillertime's Avatar
    The links cadsii posted are what I used successfully along w Itunes 9.2.1 I would try and re download the 4.0 ipsw and/or redsnow again. Perhaps something is corrupted
    2010-08-10 04:41 AM
  18. ijb's Avatar
    Here Visit My Site:
    P.S. If You Visit On Your iDevice it will redirect you to a online jailbreak for 4.0-4.0.1(For Now).
    2010-09-13 03:44 AM
  19. cadsii's Avatar
    nice spam asswipe
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    2010-10-05 04:46 PM