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    I see over 90 people have read this, but no reply. LOL. I guess I'm boned on this.

    I have a brand new right-outa-the-box 3GS that I can NOT seem to get jailbroken.

    pwnage (mac) - error code 1600. I have done this successfully on the 3G, so I know what I'm doing, but after I complete the build and try to install the custom restore on the 3GS with iTunes, I get the error code 1600 (tried several times) Even tried using the custom restore ipsw on windows via iTunes (shift-restore) to see if it would load the IPSW that was created by pwnage. NO-GO

    blackrain - seems to start to work, but then never installs anything on the phone. So I see the blackra1n screen/wall, but no cydia or freeze, so I can't do anything else (I don't even know how to tell if it's jailbroken if I don't see cydia)

    Is there anyone that could contact me and talk/walk me through? I've tried every F*(@!#king thing I can find on this, and I'm outright exhausted.

    would love some one-on-one with someone.
    Much appreciatively
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