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    So here's my situation, an unfortunate one. I jailbroke my Iphone about 3/4 of a year ago on my old Dell XPS tower, which has all my backups. The computer has been out of commission for about a half year, I've been using my brother.

    So basically I haven't changed music or had anything to do with Itunes on the computer for about a half year. It hasn't even really been an issue. So in anticipation of buying one of the 200 dollar acer netbooks at Target, I installed MiWi through Cydia
    Miwi works beautifully at first, tethers fine, I manage to get a 280 ping on Red Orchestra even. The problem is the program refused to stop tethering after trying to activated tethering an deactivate through the button. Just stuck. So I do just power down the phone and try to restart it. OOPS. Now the phone refuses to boot, sim card in or out. It's been 2 or 3 days so the Iphone isn't just "thinking about it" gettings its stuff together. Either freezes at apple logo, or goes to apple logo for 15 seconds and then blacks out.

    I have another computer I can install Itunes on for the fix. I really need help on this. I am not attached to any photos, music or applications on the phone - I'm willing to just wipe it clean and start anew. I don't even really care if its a jailbroken OS this time, I just want my DAMN PHONE TO WORK and access to my damn phone numbers. I'm really frustrated about this and would really appreciate your guys' help with this!

    Please guys I really need a hand.

    When I was jailbreaking my phone, I seem to remember one method was to have a OS version downloaded as a file and then telling Itunes to install from that instead of the default. Can I do this? If I plug the Iphone into the new computer with Itunes is there an option to just wipe the mother clean and put on the newest OS, with my addresses preserved on the sim card?


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    If you don't care about jailbreaking, just let it restore in Itunes to the latest OS.
    Whatever on your sim card will not be affected as you are only restoring your Iphone OS.
    2010-07-23 08:14 AM
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    More details will help.
    Which iPhone you have
    Which firmware you were on

    Charge your iPhone for 24hrs
    Once done hold down the power button for 10 secs. You should see the Apple log. At this point if it doesn't boot to home screen do this. Hold down the power button til it goes completely black. Wait 10 sec. Next hold both power and home button together until you see the restore logo. Now down load tinyumbrella and use it to kick your iPhone out if restore mode. This time it should boot to home screen.
    2010-07-23 08:21 AM
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    Sorry for not including more details, very dumb of me.

    It's an Iphone 3g 8gb running, I believe, a jailbroken 3.12 - I used the geohot guy's BlackSnow. I'm going to let the phone charge for 24 hours and then might just let Itunes restore it to whatever hellish factory OS they're up to now.

    Xfaega, there's no harm in trying your method is there? I guess I may as well try this tiny umbrella program before I just give up and let Itunes do whatever it does.
    2010-07-23 08:36 AM
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    There will be no harm using tinyumbrella.
    2010-07-23 08:38 AM
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    On a 3G you can JB any FW, so you simply restore to any FW you choose and then we'll give you instructions for JB.

    Now might by a good time to sync with a new iTunes library since your old one is out of action. It will mean starting from scratch with your download etc.
    2010-07-23 12:15 PM
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    Finally got the mother restored thanks to help I found on this board, I just recently restored my Iphone 3G 8gb after having some serious issues with a MiWi installation which basically bricked the phone.

    First off, I'm doing this from my brother's laptop, so he has some stuff on from his Ipod. When Itunes asked me if I wanted to sync everything from Itunes to the newly restored phone, I said no to everything and let it go. Now when I look at my phone my contacts are completely empty! I assumed it would just read the contacts off the SIM and construct from there, but it's empty. What can I do? I really hope I haven't annihilated my contact list.
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