1. senfinger's Avatar
    I guess this is not possible?

    I tried downgrading I_Tunes and going back to the ISPW etc... and kept getting unable to verify or auth for this device.

    I did set my host the whole nine; wondering now if it's possible...

    I was jailbroke and TU is showing I have my 3.1.3 saved, and the reason for downgrading is issues with my aftermarket radio working with the new OS...

    Sent email to Steve and no reply... so many radio input problems out there; hopefully they will update and correct soon!

    Let me know if this is possible!

    Thanks in advanced!

    Oohh yeah I also tried this when I was just 4.0 also with no go...

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    2010-07-23 09:36 PM
  2. akward silence's Avatar
    Have you directed your itunes signature to cydia (or wherever you have your SHSH files saved?
    2010-07-23 09:52 PM
  3. senfinger's Avatar
    I have them local and on cydia...

    I did set it to Saurik IP

    I did not set the apple host to me 127.0.01... though- for my local copy...
    2010-07-23 09:55 PM
  4. akward silence's Avatar
    Try setting the apple host to get the signature from cydia. Maybe there is a problem with your local signatures.
    2010-07-23 09:56 PM
  5. senfinger's Avatar
    Actually...most post above yours... I tried cydia first and got the not compliant or something with my phone. I didn't try my local sigs... yet.

    What just wondering is something is wrong or should I be able to with the new bootrom.
    2010-07-26 05:04 PM
  6. Will01's Avatar
    It should work, open terminal/cmd and ping gs.apple.com double check the ip that shows up is saurik's. Also, be sure to verify your shsh is saved using TinyUmbrella.
    2010-07-26 06:00 PM
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