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    Hi all , so I had a 3g 8gb on 3.1.2 and updated to 4 , jb'd with redsn0w , unlocked with ultrasn0w. All is good especially after running redsn0w again and disabling multitasking etc ( just wanted to see how slow it was) after restoring my data I noticed that the utilities icon with clock , calculator and voice memo in had gone and theyre all on the home screen again. This is a small point but wanted to know if I could have it back that way. Any ideas?

    Note to mods - I wasn't sure where to post this so feel free to move it to the right place!
    2010-07-23 08:37 PM
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    Re create that folder. I had a similar problem.

    Just drag clock over calculator and drop it on top. It will re-create the utilities folder.
    2010-07-23 08:55 PM
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    Thanks akward silence! You learn something new every day!
    2010-07-23 09:08 PM
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    Isn't that the truth!

    I had a similar issue when I first got my iphone 4 and I restored from a backup I used on my 3.1.3 3GS. Clearly I had no folders, so the icons were strewn about the home page.

    Glad I could help

    By the way, it works for other stuff too. Try dragging a few games into a folder. It will self title as "games". It does this for entertainment (eBay, Fandango, etc) and for bookmarks you have placed from safari on your home screen.
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    2010-07-23 09:14 PM
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    You are the man! That's why I like this community , a little help from someone can save a lot of head scratching! Regarding dragging games into a folder , do I have to create the folder first?
    2010-07-23 09:29 PM
  6. akward silence's Avatar

    Its great, isn't it?

    Nope. Its the same as utilities. Grab a game, and drag it on top of another game. It will create the folder and self title it.
    2010-07-23 09:30 PM
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    Sorry I figured it out , you can rename them too! I basically used Categories for this before , about time Apple started to build some customisable stuff into the OS. Thanks again.
    2010-07-23 09:32 PM
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    Yeah its Apple's version of categories. I think it works really well since you don't need to open an app to do it. Its all done on the home screen, which I think is nice.

    No problem, any time.
    2010-07-23 09:36 PM
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    Yeah I agree.
    2010-07-23 09:47 PM
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    If you have any other questions you feel silly to ask (I always get those ), feel free to PM me and I'll help you out the best I can.
    2010-07-23 10:00 PM
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    Thanks , i'll probably take you up on that offer!
    2010-07-24 09:58 AM
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    No problem
    2010-07-24 08:07 PM