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    Hello forum!

    This is long but comprehensive I think (or could be rambling...)

    Here is my situation.
    Started with an Iphone 2G jailbroken and unlocked on 3.1.2. Worked on T-Mobile and EDGE network. Typically had good bars, always five at the house (tower is next block down.) Showed sinful for the carrier and had the detail information (ip addresses etc) for the MMS and Data. After two weeks of prefect functionality (ok some calls didn't come through but most did) I got into the themes on cydia/rock/winterboard. Everything still worked until I did something (or one of the themes) that changed the baseband.
    Now it goes through cycles of full bars, one bar, Searching and then Full bars or no service. I tried restoring to 3.1.2 and then Blackra1n still has signal problem. I tried redsn0w still no service. I tried custom ipsw, still have the issue. I restored again to 3.1.2 and had a friend activate with his ATT sim card still had the problem and, even though we did not unlock it, when I put my tmobile sim in it it picked up tmobile and started with the no service issue. This leads me to believe that the restores do not actually rewrite the baseband. If they did, when activated on att, it should have complained about the tmobile sim.
    When I searched for the signal/no service issue I found lots of threads but all were loose ends. Not one had any solution for the issue. My thought is to downgrade the basebase (it has to get overwritten, right?) but the most recent thread with 04.05.04 is 2008. Way to old to make me comfortable to try.
    Is there a way I can downgrade the baseband? (fuzzyband does not work on 2g phones)
    Is there any real solution for the no service problem or should I sell it and get something else?
    It does work as an ipod but after a while it gets really mixed up, thinks there is a sim in it and tells me to restore. Not user friendly.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading my rambling...
    2010-07-24 02:38 AM