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    I have a question... I bought an iphone 3gs 32gb version off of ebay. It was supposed to be unlocked and ready to go, but when i got it, it was stuck on the "connect to itunes and activate" (i have tmobile) screen. i have no idea what firmware version it is running, much less anything about base bands. can someone please give me some info on how to fix this problem or at least point me in the right direction so i can get started on fixing this phone as soon as possible, thanx a lot...

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    2010-07-24 05:49 PM
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    Honestly there are ways to fix this but if it were me, I would return it. Cuz thats a load of crap if Im expecting an unlocked phone that was advertised then receive a locked up phone. Thats crap. Get another phone thats already unlocked. I wouldnt take that crap from a seller. I have a feeling it is upgraded to 4.0 thats why its on the itunes+usb screen. Its also a 3GS which is very complicated to figure out until you get the firmware version and bootrom version to determine its ability to jailbreak or not.
    2010-07-24 07:45 PM