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  1. mortopher's Avatar
    Close this thread. It's going nowhere.
    2010-08-01 04:03 AM
  2. MFDOOM44's Avatar
    yeah, the second i saw the name i knew not to download it haha
    2010-08-01 04:05 AM
  3. MindGem's Avatar
    2010-08-01 06:13 PM
  4. iLoveWindows&iPhone's Avatar
    The guy "released" his JB?...... Anyone try downloading? I won't, as I'm sure it's a virus/scam. Anyone out there try clicking on it?
    2010-08-01 08:12 PM
  5. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Its fake, a scam, and shouldn't be used. That's the official take on this by modmyi and myself. So this thread can be closed now.

    If you start another thread like the way this one was started you will be infracted. PM mods that you have issues with.
    2010-08-01 08:17 PM
  6. z3r01's Avatar
    reason i closed it the first time is because u have to be a complete idiot to post something like sh1tra1n...what are u 12?
    second , the next jailbreak is spirit by ur not eing informative at all but spamming...and i warned you the first two threads about it now u wanna start another and call me out...seriously...stop ur trash talking ans spamming on this not issuing an infraction cuz stealth already warned you...but seriously im not here to bust no ones balls..just here to keep things simple and clean and ur violating that.....if u do have a problem ur welcome to address me...i will be happy to help you...
    2010-08-01 08:59 PM
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