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    Ok 1st I have an iPhone 3gs and running 3.1.3 and want to urgently upgrade to the new os4 and upgrade iTunes aswell, my question is I have around 20gb of music and need to no if I update / restore to the new os4 and then jailbreak aswell will I lose all my music as it's not on iTunes as wasn't anough hard drive if u no what I mean, so can I update/restore to new is4 without losing all my music?
    Any help please, oh also can people just say if their iPhone 3gs is definately running faster after update as I've heard realy bad slow issues with iPhone 3g !!

    Hope to get some answers soon as can't wait to update..

    Cheers from brian
    2010-08-03 03:15 PM
  2. isaac65's Avatar
    Upgrading will erase all data on the phone. So yes, any music on the phone will be deleted. What you're supposed to do after that is restore from a backup of your phone from iTunes which would put all your music back in from your computer. There is no way to put music on an iPhone without having it on your computer so I don't understand how you have 20GB of music on your phone but not on your computer.
    2010-08-03 03:20 PM
  3. TheCake's Avatar
    Brian. My 3GS runs a bit slower on version 4 than it did (especially if playing games), but not too noticable. However the actual features you get make up for it (multi-tasking etc).

    It is always worth remembering you can Jailbreak your phone afterwards if it all goes wrong but as said about, if you upgrade then I understand the phone will be erased and then re-sync'd so you would possibly lose that music.
    2010-08-03 04:25 PM
  4. readbmr's Avatar
    Hi, mmmmm not impressed with the slow quality so not sure what to do now, but hey at least when i try it i can go back to 3.1.3 i hope, and reagarding my music, yes it is possible to have 20gb of music on iphone and not in itunes as i delete from laptop as i go along and manually drag music over to itunes...works for me anyway and also frees up space on my hard drive ...

    Cheers from Brian
    2010-08-03 05:31 PM
  5. TheCake's Avatar
    Brian. I've stuck with it so kinda got used to it. Swings and round abouts though. Understand what you've done with the your iTunes but honestly think its a big mistake. You won't be able to sync your music back to your iPhone if you've deleted it off the iTunes library, so unless you store them elsewhere and move them back when you want them... you're going to be a bit stuffed.

    Personally, if space is a premium on your laptop I would buy an external USB hard drive and move my iTunes library onto it - there is a simple guide on the Apple Support site to do this.

    You can even get 1TB external USB-powered hard drives which are tiny (West Digital for example) and that would be perfect for what you need. I think its 125 on Amazon at the mo.

    Hope this of some help,

    2010-08-03 06:22 PM
  6. Will13's Avatar
    There even cheaper then that if you look around
    2010-08-03 06:26 PM
  7. TheCake's Avatar
    There even cheaper then that if you look around
    No doubt. I just have a preference as there's one sat next to me on my desk
    2010-08-03 06:51 PM
  8. Will13's Avatar
    No doubt. I just have a preference as there's one sat next to me on my desk
    I ment other WD drives, cause I use WD aswell, best HDD's around, apart from my ocz vertex, but I don't even wanna know the price of a 1TB ssd lol
    2010-08-03 07:49 PM