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    Soo I have had an iPhone for the past couple years and after hearing yesterday how easy it was to Jailbreak your iphone by going to a website and seeing that it was fully reversible I decided to give it a try. Using the jailbreakme.com site, I jailbroke my iPhone 3G (running iOS 4.0.1) and now I have Cydia. From here though I had some noob questions since i am new this that I was hoping someone in the community might help me with..

    1st: When i plug my phone back into my computer and it tries to sync to iTunes, can i still transfer music and movies and stuff to my phone, or will Apple recognize that I am jail-broken and try to brick my phone?

    2nd: One of the reasons I jailbroke my phone is because I want to have a custom wallpaper like those with a 3GS or IP4 have. I was upset that Steve Jobs held back that feature for us still using the 3G and was wondering if I have a picture on my phone that I want as a wallpaper, how do I go about setting this up. Id rather not have to make custom themes and stuff through my Mac if its not necessary, but rather just select a photo already on my phone. Also I heard something about videowallpaper?

    3rd: What are some must have apps that I need to download from Cydia and Installus? I have SB Settings, which i find very helpful and I have Lock Info, though its not what i expected. I want to be able to customize LockInfo to make the time Bigger and the Weather Bigger like my friends android lock screen, as opposed to just small modules that I have things set up on now.

    4th: What are some tweaks and things that you all find as must haves on your jailbroken phones?

    5th: What repositories should I add? I have the ones that came loaded with Cydia, but im thinking there may be more that are worth adding.

    I guess thats all I have for now, I am still playing around with this whole jailbroken then, and I am just trying to use it to its fullest. Can anyone help me?

    -FSU MVP
    2010-08-03 04:33 PM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    1. Yes to the first part... no to the second part.
    2. You can use an app from Cydia called Winterboard. vWallpaper is not recommended on an iPhone 3G due to not enough system memory and battery drain.
    3. We do not allow the discussion of stolen apps so we can't give you advice on the "Installus" part. There are thousands of apps in Cydia... you just have to take some time and browse through and see what YOU like. Spend time in the System, Tweaks, Multimedia, and Productivity folders.
    4. Same answer as #3.
    5. Pwn Center is a great one for more themes and ringtones.

    You just need to spend time messing with stuff. If you install something and don't like it... just take it off.. no biggie.
    2010-08-03 04:39 PM
  3. jkmonkey's Avatar
    You can sync with your computer just like you always did to add movies, music and apps. Talk about that instalo** app that you mentioned isn't allowed here, because it's for stealing. Winterboard and many themes you can install through it will help you get a custom background. Yeah, sbsettings is GREAT. I also recommend five icon dock and quickreply for SMS.
    2010-08-03 04:41 PM
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    Oh thanks guys! I had no idea about the instal** thing. I am going to remove it, the only reason I added it is because one of my friends said it was a "must have" for a jailbroken phone, I didnt even really know what it was, i thought it was just another repository thing like Cydia.

    I installed winterboard, and I see alot of check style settings, but how do I get it to take a picture from my photos and set it. I am checking custom background and stuff, but nothing changes or ever tells me how to pic which picture.

    what does quickreply for SMS do?
    2010-08-03 04:51 PM
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    I recommend 5 icon dock, infiniboard once it is fully working, then winterboard, iFile, Sbsettings, and then a snes, nes, and 1 or both of the gameboy emulators
    2010-08-03 04:54 PM
  6. jkmonkey's Avatar
    Once you select user background in winterboard you should be able to go into your photos, choose a pic, hit the "forward" button, then choose set as wallpaper. Quickreply allows you to reply to a text without closing the app your in or even from the lockscreen.
    2010-08-03 04:57 PM
  7. FSU MVP's Avatar
    Ok I've selected the user background in winterboard and set the picture I want as the wallpaper on my lock screen, but how can I set the actual background image (what appears behind the icons) as a custom picture from my photos?
    2010-08-03 05:25 PM
  8. Will13's Avatar
    You did select set as wallpaper right?
    2010-08-03 05:28 PM
  9. FSU MVP's Avatar
    Yes, but the screen stays black behind my icons.
    2010-08-03 05:31 PM